The apparently unstoppable Dame Maggie reads.
I’m actually going to steal a dear friend’s story here. Mr. D., my friend, used to work at a bookshop in London. Lovely as this gentleman is - and he is the nicest, sweetest man you could ever hope to meet - he simply never got around to reading the Harry Potter books. Not out of any snobbish anti- feels; they just weren’t his bag and he never got them on his brodingnagian reading list. Consequently, he was unfamiliar with the films as well. So one day, Maggie Smith walks into the shop and asks him where the Potter books are. He shows her and asks if she’s enjoying them. “Enjoying them?” she says. “My dear man, I’m living them.”

oh. my heart.

Versos vivos, Fernando Guzmán. 
"You kept calling me and pretty
and although I liked the sound of it
I didn’t want to hear it come out of your mouth
I wanted you to tell me you like the way
I never shut up about the things I care about
Or how I dreamt of a future
that was big and bold and daring
I need you to say that you loved the way
I smiled trying to contain my laughter
at dumb jokes on dumb shows
That the way I refuse to sleep in the dark
isn’t dumb or childish but rather smart.
That when I draw, the world slips away from me
and I’m immersed in my painting
trying to make sure ever line comes out
just how I imagined.
I don’t want to just be pretty.
I want to be something more
Tell me I’m everything in the universe,
I want you to see me for who I am."
To be something more to you: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)



imagine your fave author calling you on your birthday to say that they are sending you an advanced copy of their newest book

I would scream so loud into the phone, I’d end up making the author and the entire neighborhood deaf.